Meal Prep Tips- Mason Jar Salads

Meal prepping is the newest fad for quick & healthy meals and guess what, it actually works. One of the biggest reasons going out to dinner or grabbing a bag of chips is so appealing is because it’s easy. If you take an extra hour or two to prepare you’re meals, you can stay on track with your healthy eating and save time during the busy week. Below I’ve included some tips for making the perfect Mason Jar Salad.

Layer in this order:

1. Salad dressings go on the bottom. Always start with the heaviest ingredients and work your way up to the light leafy greens.

2. Hard veggies- carrots, cucumbers peppers, etc.

3. Beans, grains, pasta

4. Cheese and proteins (eggs, cooked chicken)

5. Soft fruits & veggies

6. Nuts & Seeds

7. Salad greens

When you’re ready to eat, just unscrew the top and dump in a bowl to mix… ENJOY!

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